About us

Easttop Display Co. Ltd., registered in Hongkong, has invested in a specialized LCD module manufacturer located in Heyuan, China.

Armed with modern COB and COG, as well as SMT equipment, our company is able to product all kinds of mono LCD and TFT modules. We have a capacity of 2kk different kinds of LCM per month.

Next to mono display and TFT display production, we also have an SMT production line and OEM assembly workshop. We are able to product complicated finished or semi-finished electronic products.

About 35% of our employees are engineers or management personnel.

About half of our products are custom designed to be used in a variety of applications like video and audio systems, industrial equipment, testing devices, electronic meters and different kinds of terminal equipment.

We have always paid special attention to the international market. Today, about 90% of our products have been exported to foreign areas like South Korea, Turkey, Europe and the USA.